Things to know about the GoPro Hero4 Session action camera

GoPro Hero4 Session action camera

Good news for adventure seekers and people who are always amidst the action, as GoPro has released its lightest and smallest action camera yet. This is GoPro Hero4 Session action camera that buries the traditional rectangular design aesthetics of the earlier models and adapts a cube design, much like the Polaroid Cube+ action camera. GoPro has concentrated on keeping the weight down to 2.3 ounces and form factor just 1.4 inches on each side.

The action camera is waterproof to a depth of 10 meters and is capable of capturing videos in 1080p (at 60 fps), 720p (at 100 fps) and 1440 (at 30 fps) quality. It shoots photographs in 8-megapiexel quality in burst mode at 10 fps and is capable of shooting time lapse photos in .5-60 second.

GoPro Hero4 Session action camera

GoPro Session has a unique battery management function that extends it usage up to 2 hours and even more. The single-button function ensures that you don’t confuse the button layout while doing something intense.


  • Doesn’t need an outer case covering for watersports or other activities that can damage its hardware
  • Automatically detects the orientation and shoots the video right side up
  • Button layout is much better than its predecessors with a one-button format
  • New-age microphone that functions like human ears to record audio instantly after you leave water
  • Two separate microphones on front and the back to auto-switch in case the preferable camera is picking up too much wind noise
  • App that lets you remotely control all the camera functions
  • Good battery life that beats its previous models
  • Low profile frame for perspective shooting at its best

GoPro Hero4 Session action camera


  • Doesn’t have 4K recording capabilities like other high-end GoPro models
  • Non swappable battery that cannot be replaced in case it runs dry or gets damaged
  • Since the camera has a small form-factor therefore the LCD screen can only show a limited functions
  • Has ultra-high definition and high-speed capturing mode which is kind of a handicap
  • Is a bit pricey for the kind of features offered and competition

$399.99 MSRP


Will be up for sale at authorized GoPro retailers and online at GoPro’s official website from July 12, 2015.


This action camera is compact enough to carry in your pocket and has an enhanced battery life which is a plus. GoPro has traded-off some of the features for a compact design, but that makes clear sense for people seeking a easy-to use camera which can record their every action.

GoPro Hero4 Session action camera

Source: GoPro



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