Volkswagen is planning three-wheeled electric scooter for masses

Volks-roller Volkswagen three-wheeled electric scooter

Segway was a revolutionary entry in future of transportation. Somehow, Segway manufacturers failed to bring down prices for the two-wheeled personal transporter and it couldn’t reach the masses. To change that with a much competitively priced solution, Volkswagen is working on a Segway-style personal mobility device which could debut next year. The news was broken by Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkorn in an interview with Bild, a German Newspaper.

Volkswagen is planning this to be a three-wheeled electric scooter for a price close to the 1,000 Euros. To be known as the Volks-Roller, the electric scooter will come in a foldable design, travel almost 12 miles on single charge and weigh as light as 24 pounds.

Volks-roller Volkswagen three-wheeled scooter

This is probably all that we know about the Volkswagen Volks-Roller so far; however personal mobility space is not limited to this. AirWheel A3 electric commuter is a very close take on the Segway, which could be shipping this August for about $2,999 with anti-theft system. InMotion R1EX is another similar scooter, which features voice controlled operation and can be controlled from a mobile phone.

Smart S1 is another personal electric scooter, though a little different in style and form factor. It’s a gyroscope enabled skateboard style scooter, which will definitely make commuting that last mile effortless and fun.

Via: CarandDriver/TheVerge



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