Make a budget Terminator Arm from household items

Dustin McLean, the famous DIYer from the low budget Prop Shop is back again with a how to. This time he shows how one can make the popular Terminator arm for just $15 from daily household objects. If you want the hand to look fancier with an attractive stand, the budget extends to $30. Any which way it is quite cheap for what you get in the end.

Dustin, shows in the video how he uses a water bottle, sticks and nuts to put together Terminator hand that is quite close to the hand shown in the movie. And for $30 max. you can make it in less than 3-4 hours’ time, provided you have all the material mentioned.

So, without wasting much time on your weekend, invest some time in making the Terminator Arm and your mom will love what her son is doing. Not sure of that though!

Via: Youtube



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