Seymourpowell Grazor: Pedal-powered lawn mower for the health conscious lot

Seymourpowell Grazor lawn mower

London-based design agency Seymourpowell have got their act together to create a lawn mower that not only keeps your garden in well-groomed condition. But that’s not all. This carbon fiber body lawn mower is pedal-powered which makes good enough for fitness freaks too. Seymourpowell call it Grazor lawn mower, and although it is still in concept stage, the product could see day light soon.

Grazor is tricycle like mower which has cylinder grass cutting blades mount on the front side, making it a green solution for the planet. Once the rider pedals this lawn mower, the power is transferred to a five-speed gearbox through a chain which can propel it to speed of 15 mph top speed.

Seymourpowell Grazor lawn mower

This thing can be steered easily with the handles by the seat that actuate the movement of wide-treaded wheels. The cutting blade can also be adjusted from the seating area itself.

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Only thing missing in this pedal-powered lawn mower is a grass box which collects the cut grass. Seymourpowell is expecting that lawn mower manufacturers will adopt this unique design and buy the design from them.

Seymourpowell Grazor might be still in the concept stage, but there are plenty of other green lawn mower that you can opt for your garden maintenance tasks. Have a look at all of them by jumping to the collection of these very green lawn mowers.

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