Novartis apps for smartwatch assists blind people in navigating crowded cities

Novartis ViaOpta app for blind

Wearable gadgets are nothing more than accessories that make our life more streamlined and productive. But when it comes to improving one’s life drastically, the wearables don’t even stand a chance. But Novartis is about to change that with their maiden app for the visually-impaired. Tailor-made for wearables like smartwatches running iOS or Android, the Novartis ViaOpta apps guide visually-impaired people to their destination.

Basically these navigation app improves their daily life by providing turn-by-turn navigation to the blind person. Through vibration and voice commands, this app walks the user to their intended destination by pairing with the GPS satellite. To make things even more secure, the app shares GPS location of the user with friends and family, just in case they get lost or venture into over-crowded places.

The Novartis ViaOpta app is up on the Play Store and Apple iTunes, so you can download it for your Apple Watch or any Android smartwatch right now.

Via: MedGadget



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