How about a bike that you can download?

Tinker Cafe racer

Jack Lennie, a product design graduate from the Edinburgh Napier University has come-up with a motorcycle design that can be downloaded by anyone in the world. Called as Tinker this open-source bike can be made in your garage itself provided you have knowledge of CAD/CAM computer software. The main aim of this design is to minimize production cost and also the consequent part manufacturing costs.

Tinker bike seems like a modern take on the popular British café racer motorcycle which focused more on speed and handling rather than comfort. Lennie has provided all the file details for manufacturing this motorcycle by seasoned mechanics who have know-how of computer aided design applications.

Apparently the bike design won New Designer of the Year 2015 award at the New Designers exhibition in London. The open-source bike will be available for download later this year and you can keep an eye on that.

Tinker Cafe racer

Tinker Cafe racer

Via: DesignIndaba



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