Codename Colossus is fully 3D printed steampunk walking tank


We are fond of all things steampunk and 3D, and combining the two just well is HMC Boudicca from Codename Colossus – a 20-inch scale model of a multistory walking tank. Created by Singapore-based toymaker Michael Sng, who was a former lead product designer at STIKFAS art toy line, the toy tank is made from about 435 laser cut 3D printed and hand painted parts and has been fitted out with Arduino controllers, servos and LED lights. The tank is made to order and can be bought for $5,000.


The impressive robotic tank is first in Codename Colossus line of kinetic toys from Sng’s firm Machination Studio. It’s built-in Arduino and servos make the tank fully functional, in that the machine guns, cannons and other parts are functional, but thankfully not lethal.

Sng had outsourced the 3D printing component, which was the major bulk of the cost; but he painted all the parts with hand and assembled them in shape all by himself. According to Sng, if the robot toy gains traction, he will explore new ways to bring down the cost and make toy versions that are accessible to a larger audience. To make more accessibly priced versions a possibility, Sng has called out to anyone who would like to get into collaboration and assist.


Check out more pictures and a time-lapse video of the build below:





Via: Gizmodo/TheVerge



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