Drill-powered walking machine is one heck of a personal transporter


We have seen a whole lot of innovative personal mobility devices; but I am yet to slot this one in a category – innovative or crazy? Maybe you can help! Whatever the choice, this drill-powered walking machine is certainly inspiring. Created by Izzy Swan, who loves to play with unique possibilities of the drill; this incredible walking machine is a great way to ride through the city and catch some popping eyeballs. Swan’s walking ride (if I can all it so) is fitted in with a custom made gear box and a dewalt 20V drill, which powers it for a mile on single charge.

In the last 20 odd years Swan has created a lot of machines powered by a drill; these include things like a lawn mower and a mini bike. According to Swan the drill-powered walking machine is his finest creation so far.

Swan drew inspiration for his walking machine from Dutch artist Theo Jansen’s leg design used in Strandbeest. With a lot of tweaking and twisting, Swan has finally arrived on a working prototype of a machine which has mechanical legs like in the Strandbeest, and has a riding mechanism of a skate scooter – both attached together for one heck of a walking machine that runs of drill power.

Swan believed the walking machine should look blue and green, but after he started posting videos and work-in-progress photos to his Facebook feed, he changed his mind following comments from fans. He changed the color choice and painted the machine silver.

Head down for a video to see how it was made and how the crazy thing walks to take you places.

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