Dot wireless Bluetooth headset is too small to be noticed in the ear

Dot wireless bluetooth headset

If you are planning to replace your Bluetooth headset for the simple reason that you have been using it for too long and it looks so damn old school. Then the miniscule Dot wireless Bluetooth headset that met its $30,000 funding goal just hours into its Kickstarter campaign is what you’d love to trade it for. Measuring only 13.8mm by 21mm, dubbed the smallest Bluetooth headset, the Dot weighs negligently at 3.5g.

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If you have been following the world of electronic devices somewhat closely, you shouldn’t be alien to the universal idea off all things wearable and portable for the coming future; the Dot fits in the idea better than a cap on a bottle.

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The Dot is a simple Bluetooth headset to be made sold in stereo and mono versions. Available in single unit, the earbud is so small that once in the ear, one can hardly detect you’re wearing it. So, if you like the idea of looking like that creepy guy busy chatting to himself on a busy street, head over to the kickstarter and show some love for the Dot. Early birds can have the $69 mono Dot for $59. Stereo Dot will cost $89, early bird special $79.

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There are many positives – size and sound, which make Dot a worthy purchase, but does its battery, support the prettiness well? Frankly, going by the size of the device, we presume there is still scope for a battery that can keep gadgets that small working for days. The Dot battery will die down in about 1.5 hour of talking and with music its even lesser, only an hour. Thus its important, you have a charger handy. Speaking of the charger – Dot charger is as fascinating as the device itself. The charger is a sleek metallic tube which charges the earbud in just 30 minutes.

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    Rowkin Mini is actually a better one compared to Dot headset:

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