CamSwarm app captures bullet time sequences from your iPhone

CamSwarm app

Ever since bullet time visual effect was first introduced in The Matrix movie it has become popular. And there is no surprise in that since the effect is so cool, as it seems that time has frozen and one is panning through it. This cool effect however requires a lot of investment in cameras and other equipment. Not to forget the skill required to sync all the camera shutter speeds together. Yan Wang from the Cornell University along with his associates Jue Wang and Shih-Fu Chang have come-up with an app that brings bullet time shooting to your iOS device. CamSwarm app is a dirt cheap alternative to the high-budget movie-making visual effect that can be initiated anytime, anywhere.

The function is simple, all you have to do is get a group of buddies having iOS device to read the QR code of the app and then stand in a semi-circular pattern around the action. The app will then show your place and the requisite to capture the action cleanly. One who initiates the CamSwarm app action is designated leader among the group and when he/she presses the shutter button, the capture is initiated on other’s device too.

The leader can then choose the sequences that are apt to create the bullet time effect photography. CamSwarm app requires WiFi connectivity on all the devices that the capture is being done. This way each one of the users can see what is being captured.

The app is super cool and will be quite popular once it gets ahead of the prototype stage since bullet time is a visually-appealing effect that everyone of us wants to capture.

Via: TechnologyReview



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