Apple iOS 9 Beta out now, things you need to know before installing

Apple iOS 9 beta download

Apple gave a sneak-peak of its next operating system for mobile devices at WWDC 2015 that was available for select developers and was expected to be fully rolled out this fall. Now Apple has launched the beta version of iOS 9 for the general public, and one’s who want to experience the operating system can download it right away. But before that you need to know what’s coming in this latest update of Apple’s operating system.

Better Siri

Siri has improved quite a lot with iOS 9 and has kind of become intelligent. It can make accurate predictions, schedule your tasks so that you don’t forget and do complicated stuff like reminding of an email that you wanted to read during the night time.


Apple is now focusing on using the apps more efficiently and simultaneously. The new spilt screen view allows you to work on two apps at once and it works best on Apple iPad. It may take new users to get used to this new feature but once you get hang of it, the feature works like a charm.

Apple Maps

Apple wasn’t much of a winner when it came to Maps in the past. With Google Maps and Bing being more superior to the iOS maps not many talked much about what Apple had to offer. That seems to have changed as Apple Maps with iOS 9 is a major improvement. The transit direction feature has been finally added to the operating system or should I say the app. Add to that the subtle little improvements and you have a maps app that is much closer to the Google Maps on mobile devices.

Apple iOS 9 beta download

Account recovery

One irritating problem that bugged iOS users was the account recovery option which practically speaking never existed. If you locked your account, you were required to have a password or recovery key to access the account but that option was almost of no use. Apple support was pathetic for the same and at last there is a fix now. Some users have reported that they have been able to recover their lost accounts with this option after a period of months. So, now if you lockout your account, there is no need to panic.

Low-power mode

iPhone has finally got a low power mode that extracts more juice out of your battery. This option however is not going to be available for iPad which is startling, but anyways iPhone users can now expect longer battery life
Apart from that iOS 9 has incorporated things like a separate folder in Photo app for selfies, improved news app and features like signal indicator on top left corner that becomes a shortcut of where you came from.

Apple iOS 9 beta download

NOTE: iOS 9 Beta as expected will have some glitches and you might encounter issues like hang-ups or frequent crashes. Since it is a beta testing version therefore you should proceed with precaution before installing it. If you do want to proceed with the installation of iOS 9 Beta version it is highly advised to back-up your data using iTunes.



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