This is what you’d see, if you were flying through our galaxy (video)

None of us, we’re sure have seen the Milky Way in the way NASA telescopes have seen it. YouTube uses daveachuk realized this, and he has compiled 400,000 photos of our galaxy taken by NASA Spitzer Space Telescope to create a breathtaking video that shows the galaxy in a way we haven’t seen before. Naked eye cannot see the galaxy through cloud of gases and dust, but the Spitzer operates in infrared light spectrum which can clearly see through that dust.

Since 2003 the Spitzer Space Telescope has been operational and over the decade it has taken gigabytes of high-resolution images of the space – our galaxy, in multiple wavelengths of light. Some 400,000 Spitzer photos have been combined to present us with this newest view of space.

Via: YouTube/ Source: PopularMechanics



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