World Cyber War is brewing up, watch it in real-time!

World Cyber attack live map

We humans have taken territorial wars too far in the past and there is no doubt a global war is inevitable any time soon. The world has come to global war twice in the past and we are staring down a third one, believe you me. The criteria and the battlefield won’t be the same however in this global massacre. Why I say it? Well, terrorism and fight for global dominance is going to be so much more than just fighting it out on the battlefield with modern warfare and nuclear weapons. A much more potent weapon is going to change the complexion of war.

Greece doesn’t look to be participating much, they’ve got their own set of issues

It is going to be all about cyber wars, a war that floods internet with every kind of damaging software. A nation going against another nation to disrupt its way of functioning since everything today depends on the internet. Often called as the fifth domain of warfare, World Cyber War is going to shake up everything on the web and most definitely the economy of nations.

Not only nations, but cyber-crime is going to be a potent weapon for terrorist organizations like Al Qaeda who are already working on ways to hamper world economy through the internet.

This real-time world cyber attack map shows the severity of internet war!

Norsecorp has realized the importance of tracking this activity of World Cyber Crime and hence come-up with a real-time cyber attack map that shows global attacks. It is more like watching a game map where nations attack each other and reminds me of the smartphone game Plague where you have to develop a disease and spread it across the world.

As you can see from the visual, China is leading the attacks and major ones are targeted towards USA. Thankfully Greece doesn’t have much to do with this cyber attack war, they have their own issues to resolve.



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