Samsung working on 11K resolution display for next generation of smartphones

Samsung 11K display

If you though 4K displays are the limit, then don’t count against the technological developments going on around the globe. Samsung is aiming at 11K display for mobile phones which is quite outrageous, but Samsung has a reason for that. The Korean giant aims to bring 11K display to the forte by 2018 and they have already started working on it. It is expected that the display will be presented at the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.

According to Korea’s Electronic Times, Samsung has got support of 13 companies for this project codenamed “EnDK and it has got a funding of $26.5 million over a duration of five years to complete this venture.

Now let’s talk about the technicality of 11K, but don’t faint out on it. 11K means a head-numbing resolution of 2250 pixels per inch. That is almost four times the ppi of current Quad-HD screens. Assuming that the mobile display is going to measure somewhere around 5.75”, we are talking of a resolution almost around 11,264 x 6336 pixels.

So what do Samsung aim to do with all that pixel density? They say it is going to bring a 3D effect to the mobile displays since so much resolution translates to detailed color and depth to the extreme. That is some display technology I’ve got to say.

Via: ETNews/ITPortal



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