FOVE eye tracking VR headset becomes lighter and more comfortable


Remember the fantastic eye tracking virtual reality headset, the FOVE, which managed an immaculate backing on Kickstarter? The world’s first eye tracking VR headset is going through an evolution phase and recently it has come up with exciting new updates. FOVE has a new and improved industrial design. The new form factor ensures the device is much lighter, smaller and more ergonomic. The new design also guarantees more stability, performance and sustainability, all in all a far more comfortable user experience.

FOVE head mounted device is designed to track eye movement. The virtual reality headset is being used to explore possible applications and is undergoing design update. The device can allow differently abled user to perform computing tasks by moving their eyes alone. In addition to medical applications, the headset can also be used for gaming in VR.


With the new design, the FOVE is trying to become a perfect fit device, which is user-friendly and comfortable. For comfort enhancing, the headset gets an improvised head strap, which does away with elastic bands and Velcro being used in the previous prototypes of the FOVE. The elastic and Velcro bands are believed to limit the wearer’s freedom of use and also make the device uncomfortable to wear; these have therefore been replaced with “ratcheting, articulated clasps” that enable the VR headset to adjust to any head form for utmost comfort.

FOVE will be showcasing the eye tracking VR headset for general public at the J-POP Summit 2015. J-POP is Japanese tech and innovations summit, scheduled for August 8 and 9, 2015.

Via: Geeky-Gadgets/Source: RoadtoVR



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