Lumos Bicycle Helmet with signal lights will keep you safe on the road

Lumos Bicycle helmet

Safety for cyclists on the road is important, since major percentage of road fatalities around the globe occur with bike riders. Commuting on busy city streets comes with its own set of dangers for bike riders, so it is wise to employ every possible safety measure, especially in the dark hours. Bottom line is, you need to be seen clearly on the road by other motorists to avert any accidents.

Keeping the safety of bicycle riders as their main concern, Boston-based inventors Eu-Wen Ding and Jeff Chen have created a bike helmet with light indicators that can be triggered wirelessly from the handlebars with a two button remote. And mind you it has passed all the safety tests and requirements to be road legal.

Waterproof Lumos Bicycle Helmet has an array of 14 LED’s on the front, 16 LED’s on the rear and 15 LED’s on each side of the helmet to indicate rider’s movement in crowded streets. The white LED’s on the front act as bike light to see the road ahead clearly and makes riders up ahead aware of your presence. While the red LED’s on the rear make-up the brake signal which is activated automatically when the biker brakes with the help of 3-axis accelerometer sensor. The side LED’s in yellow color create the turn signal which makes motorists coming behind aware of cyclist’s intention.

All these LED’s are powered by an in-built 1000 mAh battery which can be charged with a micro USB cable and works for a week (approx.) on half an hour of use daily. Lumos project is up on Kickstarter for funding and has achieved the goal comfortably with more than three weeks still left to go. The price for Kickstarter backers starts at $85 and goes up from there with delivery expected by April 2016 and consequently in the coming months. The helmet will come in charcoal black and pearl white options, and for ones who can’t get it from Kickstarter will have to wait for the retail version which is expected to cost a lot more.

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The idea is quite novel and when compared to the DORA Bicycle Helmet Concept, it takes a huge leap ahead, since it is the first ever bicycle helmet with built-in lighting for safety. A good idea would be to pair this tech savvy helmet with LED Globe Gloves that have LED lights that can be triggered from side of the glove to indicate direction of turn. That would act as a double safety measure on the road.

Lumos Bicycle helmet

Lumos Bicycle Helmet is a much more practical solution to the LumaHelm helmet which is more of an interactive solution for road safety in fun kind of manner. The helmet never made it past the prototype stage, so that makes Lumos the sole player currently for this product line.

Lumos Bicycle helmet

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