7 flame-throwing inventions simply fun to own

DIY Flame throwing machines

Zombie apocalypse might not be inevitable but we cannot rule out the possibility of it happening any time soon. For that matter any other kind of apocalypse like aliens launching an attack on mother Earth. That might sound crazy and hilarious, but people have already started taking it seriously. One weapon that can be potent against the cold blooded monsters is flamethrower which burns them to a painful death that is if they feel anything at all. Coming onto the practical situations, flamethrowers can be used for a wide variety of things and for no apparent reasons too. So let’s have a look at some of the most creative flamethrowers out there which will impress you to bits.

1) Wheelchair Flamethrower

Lord Humungous flamethrowing wheelchair

52-year-old Lance Greathouse has made this wheelchair flamethrower out of an electric golf cart and seat salvaged from an old helicopter. He calls it the Lord Humungous and aptly too as this flamethrower can spit out 35-feet of fire from its guts. IT does look quite intimidating and with a bit of modification can be converted into a vehicle fit for Mad Max movies.

2) FLAMEnco guitar

Guitar flamethrower

If the flame-throwing wheelchair isn’t your type of fire spitting object, then this guitar will surely be. Don Juan has come-up with a guitar that can shoot 18-feet of fiery flames in the air as he plays it. Now, this one has to be inspired by the mad Max series. He calls it the FLAMEnco Guitar and to make the fire spitting extravagant, he has fitted it with fuel tank and a system that shoots such high flames.

3) Flame-throwing Ukulele

Flame throwing ukulele

No doubt Mad Max: Fury Road was a box office hit for its sheer action sequences. And flame-throwers all seem to be inspired by Mad Max’s Doof warrior who isn’t fazed by all the fatal action around. This creation by Make Community Editor Caleb Kraft is motivated by the post apocalypse movie’s flame throwing guitar, and he decided to theme it around a ukulele. Although it might look tiny, this one can shoot fire and burn you severely.

4) Flamethrower Trombone

Flamethrower Trombone

Making flamethrowers from musical instruments seems the trend here and this 21-feet fire throwing trombone is the one to watch out for. Scott, a bloke inspired by Jonathan Crawford has made a playable Flamethrower Trombone that looks nothing close to the standard. As you can see from the video, this guy is having difficulty playing the trombone since there is considerable recoil from the fire spitting action. Anyways, it looks cool though!

5) Flame-throwing Scooter

Flame throwing scooter

Talk about crazy and how can we expect Colin to be missing the action. The crazy brit has come-up with one of the most interesting flame-throwing objects that we can talk about. Colin fitted a 60 mph scooter with a rear-facing flamethrower to make things interesting and catch some attention. And that is what this scooter did for him as he goes on driving the scooter with 15-feet long fire spitting from its rear-end controlled by a button on the handlebar.

6) BOND bicycle

BOND bicycle flamethrower

If you’ve got the guts to make something eye-catchy and stupid at the same time, go for this BOND bicycle that ejects flames. This flame-thrower has an ejection seat and fire firing capabilities, making it stand out from the crowd. Work of Cycle Insurer ETA, this bicycle will be the best fit for a next door Bond movie actor looking for some action.

7) Handheld Flamthrower

Handheld flamethrower

If you though all of the above flamethrowers are just for showing-off and there needs to be a meaningful fire spitter to do a variety of tasks, here is the world’s first commercially available flamethrower. XM42 Handheld Flamethrower can fire 25-feet flames and can be used to melt winter snow, start bonfires, burn unwanted stuff or for simple pyrotechnic fun.



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