Brain-controlled car successfully tested in China’s Nankai University

mind-controlled car tested in china

Self driving cars are going to be amid us sooner than later, and following them would be cars that will be driven by thoughts. Yes, researchers in China have tested a car that can be driven by brain power. China’s Nankai University researchers have developed a car, which features a built-in computer system connected to an electric unit that is controlled by the mind using a headset. The car has been tested to start, steer forward, backwards and brake with the power of thoughts alone.

The headset is fitted with 16 brainwave sensors that monitor electrical activity in the brain to transmit information to the car’s computer system to control it. This is a major breakthrough since, previously we have only seen mind control used to steer wheelchairs and to play with little toys. This is for the first time power of the brain is being used to control a car.

mind-controlled car tested in china-1

The brain-controlled car is a joint venture of automaker Great Wall Motors and the research team at the Nankai University. The initial tests conducted at the University have proven successful, and the research team lead Duan Feng believes the brain controlled car could hit the markets in coming years. For now the team is working on making the car’s electrical system safer and user-friendly.

Feng says, the mind-controlled car technology has probability to transform the way we drive and also make driving easier for differently abled people.

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