This drone is built to fire a handgun [Video]

It was around the Halloween last year when we saw a fireworks shooting drone, and here we have video of a drone that is more lethal in skills. Unlike the not so dangerous fireworks shooting drone, this one has a semiautomatic handgun on board, which shoots bang on target. The drone can shoot four shots on a flight, with certain recoil, which pushes the drone backwards in flight.

This killer quadcopter is genuinely illegal for the peaceful world; FAA rules do not permit mounting weapons on civil aircraft, that sums it all.

Nonetheless, the creation (if its real) is worth enjoying. The drone flies just like any of its compatriots until a handgun stuck to its facade begins to fire bullets. Surely you don’t want to be the target, so watch the vid from a safe distance.)

Via: YouTube/TheVerge



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