Researchers in Korean develop e-skin with sense of touch and smell

smelling e-skin korean researchers

We are not new to the concept of ‘e-skin’ aka electronic skin. It’s electronic material which is like human skin in one or more ways. There have been many previous attempts to arrive at an e-skin which is closest in form to the largest human organ; but it’s this latest research from South Korean engineers which has actually achieved something that wan not possible before. The “smelling” e-skin developed by soft electronics researchers in Korea not only senses touch but also olfactory sense.

According to the team of soft electronics researchers working under the Global Frontier Program of MSIP, they have arrived at a “smelling” e-skin, which not only features tactile sense but also olfactory sense. The e-skin made made with hierarchically engineered elastic carbon nanotube microyarns can simultaneously detect biological and tactile stimuli, just like the human skin.

Researchers behind the innovation believe “smelling” electronic skin has a possibility of transform smart robots of today. The robots can have skin like humans and smart devices can have flexible displays that are more responsive.

Via: WhoWired



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