Samsung’s innovative gadgets spotted in Avengers: Age of Ultron movie

Samsung Avengers gadgets

If you watched the Avengers: Age of Ultron movie closely, you might have noticed all the fancy gadgets that our superhero uses. And if you though they were just fancy electronics created for the movie and have nothing to do with reality, you are wrong. The communications device are actual concept prototypes created by Samsung who collaborated with Marvel to create devices that live-up to the futuristic theme of this movie. The challenge was to design them in such a way that they look practical and easy to use in most tense situations like a battle scene.

Gadgets that a geek superhero would love to own!

These devices are based on actual technology and to fit the theme of the movie a few details were added. This also gave Samsung the opportunity to showcase their design innovations and reach out to the young audience who relate very well with such gadgets.

These special communications devices are developed in close quarters with movie producers and the Samsung Electronic Top Secret Hero Testing Lab. So what are these gadgets? Let’s have a look.

Avengers Watch

Samsung Avengers gadgets Avengers Watch

Maybe Tony Stark doesn’t like smartwatches, therefore the Avengers Watch is sported by Captain America, Thor, Hawkeye, Black Widow and Bruce Banner in the movie. It acts as a communication device to contact each other and team members can enable video communication anywhere in the world with the push of its team member icon. Plus it has sensors that keep tab of the biometric functions like hear rate, body temperature and mental health too.

Avengers Earset

Samsung Avengers gadgets Avengers headset

Amidst all the intense battle, whenever an incoming call is answered, the earpiece is automatically placed in the superhero’s ear. Other than that it doesn’t do much and is the gadget that our superheros adorn occasionally.

Tony Stark Device

Samsung Avengers gadgets Tony Stark Device

Perhaps one of the flashiest gadget shown in this movie, the Tony Stark Device has a see-through display that can be removed to work as a stand-alone gadget. It works as a normal mobile device to make calls and see information. But the similarity ends there as it can be used to upload holographic images and transfer huge amount of data. The device is ultra-secure as it has a fingerprint sensor at the bottom right and can only be accessed by high-ranking employees of Stark Industries.

All these gadgets are made from lightweight and durable titanium material which makes clear sense. The Tony Stark Device is carved from flexible screen and protected by bended glass.

Source: Design.Samsung



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