Moov Now fitness wearable assists you through activities with AI coach

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The world of wearable devices is steadily populating with wearable fitness trackers that provide feedback in form of data. Moov Now, the one-of-its-kind multi-sports wearable coach uses Artificial Intelligence to coach you through your fitness regime, and promises to be a lot different to the currently available options. Described as the world’s most advanced fitness wearable by it makers, Move Now talks to you as you workout, in addition to doing all data tracking activities that other off the shelf wearable fitness devices do.

According to a report on TheVerge, Meng Li, one of the company’s co-founders says, “(Moov Now) tells me the things I need to do, gives guidance, tells me what I did wrong, and corrects my form instead of just telling me how many steps I took today.”

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Moov Now can recognize movement in 3D space and touts a replaceable battery that last good six months. Featuring a small, lightweight and breathable form factor, the wearable is powered by AI to provide real time feedback. It has a neat sweat-friendly strap, but unlike the other fitness wearables, the Moov Now does not have a display or an indicator light of any type. Video below.

Moov Now syncs with a smartphone over Bluetooth and lets the user track sleep, workout, steps, calories burned and monitor daily activity just like other fitness wearables. What sets the Moov Now apart is that it comes with five different activity apps, one each for, running, cycling, swimming, boxing and workouts. Through the tailor made apps, the Moov Now does not only track the activity but also encourages you to reach you defined goal by calling out to you when it notices you are doing something wrong.

Moov Now fitness wearable

So, if you don’t want to look into your smartphone screen each time for your workout data, you can just switch on the artificial intelligence coaching alerts of the Move Now and enjoy the freedom. If case you get bugged with the prompts, you have the option to slow down the coaching frequency and enjoy some slack time.

If you are interested in the Moov Now, you can preorder one for an early bird special – $59. The fitness wearable is set to ship in fall this year for $99.

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Via: PP/TheVerge



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