Lego Ant-Man trailer is as good as the original [Video]

Lego remake specialist Antonio Toscano’s YouTube channel Toscano Bricks is known for its Lego reconstructions. With the Lego trailer of the recently released Marvel comics’ newest superhero film Ant-Man, the channel proves just why it’s best in business. Video above. This fantastic remake is a Lego version of the movie’s original trailer. The best thing about the trailer remake in Lego bricks is not just the exact recreations; but it is the immaculately detailed Lego world, which is complete with Lego Ant-Man, his miniature nemesis and Lego insects.

Ant-Man is out in Cinemas and has pulled out a grand opening with weekend total of an estimated $114 million worldwide. If you haven’t seen the trailer or the movie yet, you can mistake this one for real. And if you have seen the movie; watching the video above, you’ll wish there was a Lego Ant-Man releasing soon.

Via: YouTube



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