DIYer creates dirt cheap underwater breathing device that you can make

DIY underwater breathing device

Rulof Maker, the popular DIYer from Europe never seizes to amaze with his simple yet effective creations. This time too he has built an easy to construct device that lets you breathe underwater. The DIY Underwater Breathing Device is a quick replacement to all the fancy breathing equipment that allows you to take deep dives into the depths of water.

Definitely one of coolest underwater DIY equipment, this one can be made from a personal water mister, bottle cap, snorkel mouthpiece, nail polish cap and some non-toxic glue. It will only take an hours’ time (at max.) and about $10 to make. That is quite cheap, I’ve got to tell you.

Before venturing out on making one for yourself keep a few things in mind. This underwater breathing device is only good to a depth of 4 meters and you need to make it carefully. Moreover, it will only let you take 2-3 breaths underwater, so don’t expect it to go through an extended period of time. And you also have to account for all the dangers associated with malfunctioning underwater. So, take all factors into account before using it and never take a dive into the water with someone standing-by in case something happens.

That said, the DIY is quite intuitive and deserves some accolades. It might not be as complex as the Easybreath Snorkeling Mask, but will get you through couple of minutes of dive underwater.

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