Interchangeable lens 4K camera that mounts on your drone

E1 interchangable lens camera

Over the period of a year or so drones have been able change the complexion of video shooting through a whole new perspective. These UAV’s give people the freedom to shoot exclusive footage from a different perspective. Although, the recorded image or video using a drone like DJI Phantom is not of the highest quality. DJI tried to rectify that with the DJI Inspire One drone which records in 4K quality, but the price tag of $2899 is a big turn-off for many.

Jason Zhang wants to sort that out and has launched a project on Kickstarter which aims to change the way you shoot footage from your drone. E1 Camera is an interchangeable lens camera that can be mounted to any drone and you can look forward to professional grade shooting using it. This camera rig supports MFT lenses from Leica, Lumix, Sigma, Panasonic and Olympus which covers most of the lenses.

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The maker claims it to be the smallest 4K ultra-high definition camera that can shoot incredible 4096×2160 resolution 4K videos at 24 frames per second and also ultra-high definition video 3840×2160 at 30 fps. You can also expect good performance in low-lighting conditions, since it can shoot with ISO ranging from 400-6400 and photo processing by A9 image processor.

E1 interchangable lens camera

One factor that would spoil the image quality is the constant vibration of the drone itself. Jason has sorted that too with a 3D noise filter which removes ghosting and blurring.

The interchangeable lens camera can be controlled with Android and iOS compatible apps for mobile devices, making it easy for you to configure all options. Plus you can instantly stream content with WiFi connectivity and share with friends using Bluetooth 4.0.

E1 interchangable lens camera



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