Helix is a fashionable way to wear headphones on the wrist

helix Bluetooth headphones

Wrist wearable devices have become the in-thing, so much that even headphone makers want to jump into the bandwagon. Ashley Chloe has launched a Kickstarter campaign for a pair of wrist wearable headphones dubbed the Helix. Helix Bluetooth headphones are an ordinary pair of headphones, only that they can be worn on the wrist when not being used to listen to music. On the wrist, Helix looks like any other fitness bracelet and for the oomph factor, it holds a pair of Bluetooth headphones inside.

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Helix is the coolest pair of headphone bracelet you can have. You wear it on the wrist, and when you want to listen to some music or go handsfree with the phone; just pull the pair of headies out from the bracelet and your good to go. The headphones have a small dangling cable (probably where the battery and the Bluetooth antennas), which rest under the chin and connect the earbuds to the bracelet on the wrist.

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Besides making a fashion statement, the makers claim, the metal encased earbuds deliver great sound quality. Helix headphones deliver Hi-Fidelity stereo sound quality and tout 3 hours of battery backup on a single charge.

The Helix headphones will be available in two – classic and gold editions. Classic edition is made from anodized aluminum and comes in white and black colors, the gold edition on the other hand will have 18k plated-gold embellishments.

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Helix wearable headphones is presently on Kickstarter where it is looking to raise $100,000 to head into production. Early birds can have classic and gold editions for $99 and $269 in December 2015, while the Helix headphones will go on sale for $199 and $299 respectively. If you are interested in the Helix,

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