Apple granted patent for moving on-screen objects by tapping back-side of the iPhone

Apple iPhone 7 touch input patent

Apple is a staunch believer in patenting everything that it believes to be the future of technology. In the past we have seen numerous patents being granted to Apple and now the silicon valley giant has been awarded a row of 38 patents by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office which include technology for 3D biometrics ID, iPhone Tapping for games and much more. That is some list of granted patents, but for now we focus on the one we believe will feature in Apple’s next smartphone speculated to be called iPhone7 and even the next iteration of the iPad.

Apple iPhone 7 touch input patent

Apple wants to improve the touch experience for its future devices and hence, has decided to come-up with a way to make touch (and multi-touch) on the screen precise and accurate on the touch-point. What this means is that you’ll have freedom to tap on the sides of the screen and have a responsive touch-input similar to a stylus. The interesting bit is that Apple has clearly specified in the patent that not only the touchscreen but a tap input can be registered when tapped on the back or sides of the device.

Using in-built sensors, taps will be registered anywhere on the device

This freedom will come courtesy the in-built sensors of the iPhone like accelerometer, gyroscope and compass. The touch input will depend on the amount of pressure applied in the tap. For example a light tap will mean a movement of screen elements slightly while a hard tap implies a considerable movement.

Another patent aims to improve the panoramic photography using iPhone and design for the earphones. You can check-out the complete list of 38 patents granted to Apple by check-out the compilation image by Patently Apple below.

Apple granted 38 patents

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