This 3D printed Batmobile makes RC cars look average

3D printed Batmobile replica

3D printed Batmobile replica

Accept it or not; Batman is our favorite superhero, simply because he is so cool and has an impressive ride of his own. Yes, the Batmobile which everyone wants to own, but only a few can make and flaunt. Hector N Gama (Youtube user) is no different and his love for 3D printing and Batmobile has resulted in this 30” replica of the iconic 1989 Batmobile. He had to take visual reference from images and the model kits purchased from local store, and in the end this car replica turned out to be quite impressive.

To make this 30” long and 11.5” wide Batmobile he bought an Airwolf 3D XL printer and set on the task of 3D printing the parts for his toy car. After printing the 34 individual parts he glued them together. These included bumpers, wheel axles, trunk, cockpit and the main body of this cool replica car. Obviously he had to get some non-3D printed parts like lights and wheels too. For that he used PLA material.

Not one but three Batmobiles have been created by Hector using 3D printing

The Batmobile is designed in 3DS Max software and Hector has promised to make the .stl files open source along with the detailed make process. To make things three folds better, he made not one but three different Batmobiles in red, black and white color with the same design aesthetics. Each one of them took him around 100 hours to make which is an achievement worth appreciating. The project has been in the making since 2013, but Hector took it easy and has completed it finally for our attention sake.

3D printed Batmobile replica

The design is based on Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman movie

3D printed Batmobile replica

The design files have been created in 3DS Max software

3D printed Batmobile replica

Made from individual 3D printed parts that are glued together

3D printed Batmobile replica

Looks impressive and intimidating

Credit: 3DPrint



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