Sony plans to explore the untapped commercial drone market with Aerosense

Sony and ZMP UAV Aerosense drone

Sony and ZMP to explore UAV market with Aerosense drone

Drones are very much in demand and for good reasons too. You can do n number of things with a drone like aerial photography, shooing unique footage from extreme perspectives and simply for fun. Sony is looking ahead of things and wants to put UAVs to some practical use like the Amazon or Google delivery drone projects. Sony Mobile Communications Inc. have collaborated with Tokyo-based robotics company ZMP to create a drone-based company dubbed “Aerosense Inc.”. They are looking forward to incorporate this enterprise solution by next month in August.

They are looking at a business model which harvests the capabilities of drones to do a plethora of tasks such as inspection of crops for a farmer or checking the legitimacy of a building by an insurance company. This makes sense as Sony has a huge market for the image sensors and ZMP has the backing of a successful automated driving and robotics technology. Rather than competing with competitors like DJI directly, Sony will look to create a niche for itself with this venture.

Sony and ZMP join forces to change the complexion of UAV market

According to both the giants, Aerosense will start to ship first lot of commercial drones in 2016 and it is expected that initially the target industries will be telecommunications, land surveying, agriculture etc. This comes as a refreshing news for the UAV market which so far was heading towards saturation since no one else was entrepreneuring enough to dive into the commercial market that could be hugely successful in the coming years.

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