Lego Tomislav from Team Fortress 2 is one badass gun (Video)

Lego creator ZaziNombies has made what is a real-life Lego Tomislav from the Team Fortress 2 aka TF2. The primary weapon for the Heavy, this over-sized submachine gun comes complete with a large ammo drum on the underside, a carrying sling made from Lego tank treads, and of course a pair of sturdy hand guards to hold the gun in shooting position. Measuring 42 1/2-inches long, the Tomislav is made from approximately 2,500 Lego pieces and it’s a massive gun that weighs almost 10 pounds.

Lego Tomislav - Team Fortress 2

ZaziNombies has a bunch of Team Fortress 2 weapons on his YouTube Channel, but this Lego Tomislav is by far the meanest and the biggest of them all. And did we tell you, the Tomislav comes with its own sand to prop it up?

Via: Kotaku



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