iSperm for iPad mini tests your semen quality to debunk any doubts!

Aidmics iSperm for iPad mini

The very first question that rises in our mind when we ponder over the thought of spreading our seed is the seed itself! Yes, I’m talking about the quality of your sperm and whether or not you’ll be able to conceive a child. Taiwanese company Aidmics is looking to explore the $40 billion global fertility market with iSperm gadget that will test your sperm on all counts. This iPad mini compatible gadget has been successfully tested for analyzing the quality of livestock sperm quality to increase the chances of reproducing a healthy off-spring by 200 farmers around the globe.

iSperm analyses your sperm quality in detail to conclude how fertile you are!

Now, the gadget is looking to solve all the infertility woes for couples and people who are inquisitive about their sperm quality. Aidmics iSperm has a microscopic lens that attaches to your iPad mini and then tests the sperm with a compatible app. You can also record the movement of sperms in the sample and other factors which help determine fertility of your swimmers. It consists of looking closely at the Morphological assessment of sperm head and tail.

Aidmics iSperm for iPad mini

iSperm is going to cost anywhere in the region of $100-$200 which is an expensive affair, but still it will clear all your doubts. This gadget is going to invoke interest for all males around the globe who just can’t keep bragging about their superior genes!

Aidmics iSperm for iPad mini

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