Google Glass Enterprise Edition will be foldable, durable and waterproof

Google-glass-enterprise edition

If you are reading this, there’s a likely possibility you are a Google Glass appreciator. And for many more like yourself, it is important to inform that Google is probably working on a new model of its hyped entertainment glasses. If for some reason you were fascinated with the initial version of the Google Glass and wanted the version 2.0 to be on the same lines, Tony Fadell (head Google Glass project) and co. may just be ditching you. According to reports carried by 9to5Google, Google Glass Enterprise Edition (aka EE) is the new model on the way, which is more functional and inclined at ease of use.

The new augmented reality eyewear will look pretty similar to the original Explorer Edition; however, it’ll come with some hardware improvements which make it less fashionable but more functional.

The Google Glass Enterprise Edition is said to come with folding arms (like a normal pair glasses frame). Even the battery and computer compartment on the Glass will fold thanks to a hinge. It is also expected to be more durable and waterproof to ensure the Glass can fair through everyday use and take a few bumps and splashes. This is important because the Enterprise Edition is going to be available exclusively for use in hospitals and factories sometime later this year, sorry consumers.

The new Google Glass, source divulge, could feature a larger viewing prism, despite consumer claims that the first Glass was bulky. Larger prism would ensure wearer can focus more comfortably on the screen. Moreover, EE will have a larger battery for prolonged life, and feature a new Intel Atom Processor for better performance.

Via: 9to5Google



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