China starts assembling world’s biggest radio telescope “FAST”

FAST Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope

In the quest for hunting intelligent life in our universe China has taken next step to inch closer to the biggest discovery in the history of mankind. The world’s biggest telescope, Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope (FAST) that has been in the making since 2011, has finally been completed and is now being assembled in the southwestern province of Guizhou. The telescope has a humungous 500 meter dish which is almost the size of 30 football fields.

FAST will take the title of the world’s biggest telescope that was held by the Arecibo Observatory in the US territory of Puerto Rico, which is 305 metres in diameter. Researchers started assembling the 4.450 triangular reflector panels (each measuring 11 meters on each side) of the telescope having 1.6km perimeter and that is great news.

The single-aperture telescope is going to nestle between three hills which are around 500 meters away from each other and serve as a perfect base for it. On top of that the area has minimal radio interference since the nearest towns are 5 km away and the city center almost 25 km afar.

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FAST is going to be controlled by parallel robots which can point the telescope in different directions to search for the most sensitive radio signals in the white noise across the universe. This will greatly enhance the chances of searching intelligent life and other mysteries of the universe.

This huge telescope will finish assembling next year and that is going to pave way for a new avenue in planetary research and searching for alien life. Just for the records, it will be able to scan three times deep into the universe and capable of scanning the vast expanse 10 times better!

Universe through telescope

Source: XinhuaNet



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