Micro Lego Computer is a tiny computing powerhouse

Micro Lego Computer by Mike Schropp

Mike Schropp has a strong affinity for building things with Legos and his last creation awe-struck me. A Lego computer case mod that is good looking and packs some respectable hardware. Again the DIYer is back with an equally impressive computer case mod that is an improvement on the last one. This is Micro Lego Computer is almost 75% more compact and 40% affordable than its predecessor. Mike has kept in mind customizability and additional configuration options while designing this Lego computer.

Micro Lego Computer by Mike Schropp

For this computer system he wanted peak gaming performance and hence fitted a graphics card. Since the system will be running high-end hardware therefore cooling is prime. For this the Lego bricks have small gaping holes that allow for 360 degree ventilation.

This CPU housing has support for 16GB RAM with i3, i5 and i7 processors. Micro Lego Computer has USB 3.0 compatibility, multi-monitor capable and 1TB SSD drives.

Micro Lego Computer comes in four different options, i3 system, i5 system, i7 and custom build option. The i3 system with 4GB DDR3 memory is priced at $599, i5 fitted system with 8GB memory is priced at $727 and the high-end i7 computer with 16GB RAM has a hefty $879 price tag. As for the custom build option, the pricing will depend on the components chosen.

Micro Lego Computer by Mike Schropp

Micro Lego Computer by Mike Schropp_4

Micro Lego Computer by Mike Schropp_5

Micro Lego Computer by Mike Schropp_1

Source: TotalGeekdom Via: Gizmodo



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