Nintendo will soon roll out a sleep monitor with ceiling projector onboard

nintendo patent sleep monitor with projector

Moving ahead with its ‘quality of life’ initiative, Nintendo has filed patent for a sleep monitor. The intention of developing a sleep monitor was announced by Nintendo back in 2014. Finally, the patent reveled NeoGAF forum members shows what the new sleep monitor device from the video game equipment manufacturer would look like. From the images and patent description the device is just like an alarm clock in size and shape, which comes with a docking station, built-in speakers and a ceiling projector.

It is known that the Nintendo’s fancy sleep monitor features a docking station, but there is no information on whether the product to be docked (as seen in image above) is a special device or its simply a smartphone with some kind of an app onboard.

nintendo patent sleep monitor

The patent reveals, the sleep tracker will come embedded with sensors and will have a camera and microphone attached. The sensors and camera will keep tab on user’s temperature, pulse rate and other thing, while the data collected will be used to know the user’s emotional state and to calculate their sleep score. The stats will projected on the ceiling or walls.

We don’t have any additional information for now, but according to IGN, Nintendo is expected to launch their sleep monitoring device sometime in 2016. Given the fact that we are nearing 2016, there are chances more crisp information will roll out on the device soon.

Via: IGN



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