A-Bike Electric: World’s most compact and lightweight e-bike arrives later this year

A-Bike Electric

Electric bikes give you the freedom to commute around in cities with one less thing to worry, that being environmental impact. And if an electric bike is lightweight and folds into itself, there’s nothing better than that. Meet A-Bike Electric, an electric bike that is up on Kickstarter for funding and has already achieved its funding goal to materialize the idea.

The electric bike has a telescopic design which allows it to fold into a very compact form-factor and the makers claim it to be the lightest electric bike ever. You can open it up in just a few seconds and hit the road to commute at a top speed of 20 km/h. Even when the battery runs out, you can ride it like a normal pedal-powered bicycle to get fit.

A-Bike Electric

When folded, the bike is no bigger than a small suitcase which means that it can be tucked away safely in any corner of your room when not in use. Moreover it makes for a very lightweight commuter to carry around with you in metros, buses or other crowded locations.

A-Bike Electric

A-Bike Electric charges-up in 2.5 hours and goes almost 25 km before requiring a recharge. That is good for a bike this size and is a much better option to the YS-11 Tourer folding e-bike since it will retail for $1089 as compared to $1527 for the YS-11 Tourer.

This electric bike is being liked by backers on Kickstarter and already the £515 and £449 options gone. To get one for yourself head straight over to Kickstarter right now.

A-Bike Electric

Via: TreeHugger



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