Magic mirror that analyzes your overall health within a minute

Wize Mirror

Detecting disease and getting rid of it at the earliest stages is very important for anyone to have healthy living. A new kind of innovation tries to assist you in this health quest by analyzing your face and spotting any signs of disease. Wize Mirror has a wide range of gas sensors, 3D scanners and multispectral cameras to gauge your health level. This brings back memory of the famous phrase from Disney’s “Mirror Mirror on the wall who’s the fairest of them all” and gives it a modern touch, that being “Mirror Mirror on the wall who’s healthiest of them all”!

You can call it a Magic Mirror of the modern times and it does the analysis with quite some authority. It has a facial detection software which reads data from the multispectral cameras and 3D scanners to detect heart-rate, hemoglobin level anxiety and stress as well as signs of fattening and facial shape change due to weight gain. The gas sensors analyze breath of the person in front of the mirror and look for alcohol consumption levels and signs of smoking.

All this combines to give an in-depth report of what is going on with a person’s body in about a minute’s time. Thereafter, it gives suggestions on how to counter signs of health anomalies and personalized advice on how to improve overall health.

The technology is currently in prototype stage being developed by a team of researchers and industry partners from EU and backed by funding.

Credit: NewScientist



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