Hey ladies, add style to your Apple Watch with these feminine bands

Apple Watch band

When initially Apple Watch was available for purchase it created quite a hype. But since that day the excitement has mellowed down as it failed to impress buyers with sales dropping exponentially in the past month or so. Still Apple products sell on sheer brand value and Apple Watch is no different. For girls who have an Apple Watch and want to add some flatulence to their fancy wearable, AppleCharmers is here.

The Etsy shop owned by Shannon M from San Diego offers unique leather and stainless steel straps for Apple Watch. AppleCharmers has a wide range of collection targeted towards the geeky women section who want to show-off their style statement and unique personality.

The range spans from $36.99 up to $74.99 with ample choices that will satisfy any women’s keen eye. Plus you don’t need to purchase the expensive gold edition Apple Watch to highlight your class. These stylist straps will do just fine. You can choose from a wide variety of makes and add some life to your boring Apple Watch, if that is what you think of it!



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