Nokia OZO is the ideal 360-degree camera for shooting professional 3D movies

Nokia OZO 360 degree camera

Nokia might be having a rough ride in the mobile device section of consumer electronics, but that doesn’t mean it can’t venture into other avenues. To keep the innovative bend rolling and bringing something new to the gadget world, Nokia has introduced a 360-degree view camera that is targeted towards professionals. Nokia OZO announced at a company event in Los Angles is specifically targeted towards virtual reality applications.

The company believes that virtual reality is the future and OZO is that one tool which will give professionals a whole new way to share content with their audience. The camera is a combination of 8 global shutter sensors that capture action in a synchronized manner. Not only video, but the audio is also captured in 3D by 8 microphones to match the stereoscopic video shot by the cameras. That means you’ll be surrounded in a VR environment where the visuals match perfectly with the audible noise.

It creates a perfect virtual reality environment fit for shooting 3D movies

Nokia said that this is the most advanced VR film-making platform and its huge spherical size suggests exactly that. At the event, this gadget was demoed on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive headsets and The Verge reports that audio was quite impressive. As for the visuals, they were not as impressive, but that will change once the camera rig is fine-tuned for improvements.

OZO is expected to make another bold appearance in the latter part of this year and we may even see the commercial version announced then. As for the price, don’t expect it to be cheap as it is a hardcore professional equipment.

Source: PressRelease



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