Lexus Hoverboard recreated in Lego stop-motion video

Lego Hoverboard

Liquid nitrogen cooled hoverboard by Lexus is one of the hottest invention in current times all set to arrive on 5th August. Millions watched the teaser video of this cool urban accessory that any junkie would die for and appreciated the design no matter what. Not much is known of this hoverboard and that is the reason it has invoked so much interest worldwide. And it comes as no surprise that Lego Buildz has recreated the teaser video in Lego stop motion.

The stop motion video shows a random guy (Lego mini-figurine) riding the Lego hoverboard and a couple of guys getting awe-struck by this new creation. Probably they didn’t have to put much hours behind the making of this video. The real deal would be to see if they come-up with a stop motion video when the extended Hoverboard video arrives. For now enjoy the Lego stop motion video.



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