Fold your favorite superheroes into cool origami art

Superheroes origami art

Who doesn’t love superheroes; they give us hope, courage and reason to live life with a purpose. Alright that was a bit dramatic, but superheroes rule our minds subconsciously, no denying that. For this reason superhero merchandize and DIYs related to superheroes are so popular worldwide. Now, Capstone Publishers gives you another reason to turn your superheroes into playful origami for unstoppable fun.

Although you might think of it is as bit childish, but at-least it is better than putting your superhero mini-figurines on the shelves. The teaser video above gives a sneak-peak into the DC Super Heroes Origami paper-folding project by the man himself John Montroll. The collection has 96 origami models related to popular superheroes like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Justice League. They are challenging to put together and will force your brain into overdrive, giving it a good workout.

DC Super Heroes Origami paper-folding project is coming to US and UK in September 2015 and we expect to see more of this superhero origami collection art at that time. Till then, if you are creative enough, you can come-up with your way to draw the origami art on paper and fold it up to reveal your superhero.



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