Spanish researchers developing bionic exoskeleton that adapts to growing kid

Bionic exoskeleton by Marsi Bionics

Exoskeletons are a great invention that combine robotics and medical science to help the disabled to walk. In this continuing effort by noble intellects around the globe, another chapter has just entered the book. Spanish scientists are looking to take their bionic exoskeleton to the next feasible level that will aid wheelchair dependent children to walk with freedom and help improve their lives. This consortium of researchers under Marsi-bionics is banking on crowdfunding phenomenon to help them achieve this dream as soon as possible.

Unlike other projects that go the way of platforms like Kickstarter or Indiegogo to crowdfund dream projects, Marsi-bionics have their own crowd-funding portal. The story started when Elena Garcia, chief researcher at state-funded center was approached by six-year old Daniela’s parents who wanted to improve their daughter’s life since she is a quadriplegic since infancy.

This bionic exoskeleton will adapt and grow according to the child’s growth cycle

Since then, she decided to make an exoskeleton for children that would make unfortunate kids stand back on their feet again. The prototype version of bionic exoskeleton is being developed in such a way that it has the ability to adapt and grow with the child.

The reason for turning to crowdfunding was the lack of funds for a project of such level. And as obvious the crowdfunding project plea also highlights the fact that this is one project that would have high impact on lives of millions of disabled children on earth.

Credit: TheLocal



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