Facebook’s solar-powered UAV that beams free internet is finally complete

Facebook Aquila UAV free internet

Facebook has been working on a project that deems to provide free internet via drones, and now in fresh developments social-networking giant has more on it. The solar-powered drone codenamed “Aquila” designed by Facebook’s aerospace team in UK is finally complete. Having a wingspan of a Boeing 737, the UAV will be tested in a remote region for 90 days, where it will beam down internet connectivity from a distance of 60,000-90,000 feet above the ground.

Another significant development is the announcement of a lab-tested laser designed to beam down 10 gigabits data per second. This will make sure that the drone is be able to provide internet connectivity to a wide range of geographic locations. It is expected that the laser will have even more capacity once the team is able to test its limitations and other feasible options.

Aquila will provide free internet to remote regions of the world for a connected eco-system of Facebook users

Since the drone is now ready, we can expect to see it being used commercially sometime next year once the initial testing phase is over. And as Facebook has announced that both the elements are perfectly in place, therefore it comes as a welcome news to the community.

Not only Facebook but Google also has ventured into the free internet service game as it announced a new venture “SideWalk Labs” which converts pay phone booths into WiFi hotspots. Another major development is the Google Project Loon which promises to bring internet to rural parts of the globe using specially developed balloons.

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