Braille smartwatch keeps blind people connected with loved ones

Dot Braille smartwatch

Technology is helping visually-impaired people get a new lease of life and researchers are working hard to integrate various gadgets to achieve the needed. In a new development South Korea’s tech developer Dot has come-up with a braille smartwatch which opens-up a new way to access information for blind people. Unlike the conventional smartwatches, this wearable has an array of physical dots that make-up four characters of a word at a time.

Dot Braille smartwatch

Smartwatch that makes life easier for blind people by connecting with important people in life

The characters raise and lower pretty quickly, so that the person can read them and communicate with other people. To notify the wearer of any new notifications vibration mode is used. This smartwatch can go for 5 days non-stop under normal usage before requiring a recharge.

Dot Braille smartwatch

Dot smartwatch has functions including an alarm, messenger app, navigation and Bluetooth 4.0 too. One can give voice-commands to send messages over the iMessage app or set morning alarms to get up on time. This means a greater flexibility in going about the daily chores and communicating with important people in life.

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The company is planning to sell Dot Braille smartwatch for as less as $300 which is great news for visually-impaired people. It will make first appearance in US market by December 2015 and we’ll have detailed insight at that time.

Dot Braille smartwatch

Via: ScienceAlert



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