Samsung patents movable display UI for future smartwatches

Samsung movable display

Samsung has always been known to come-up with bold innovations and there is no reason why they should stop. In a latest patent filed by the electronics giant, they have come-up with the idea of a very interesting smartwatch user interface that changes position according to the position of wearer’s face. To do this the smartwatch uses camera, motion sensor and input via the microphone to locate the position and then determine where to position the screen elements.

Practically that would mean a lot of processing and battery consumption. Samsung is banking on the fact that battery power for wearables will improve quite a lot when a smartwatch loaded with such technology would become feasible. But to be safe, they have hinted the inclusion of a feature that would orient the display automatically when the user issues a voice command like “Display”.

Samsung movable display

This patent clearly shows the length to which Samsung is willing to explore their creativity. And it makes sense too, since future gadgets would be pitched on niche features that are interesting. Samsung did the same with their Galaxy S6 Edge series phone that has extended display on the sides.

Credit: PatentlyApple



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