World’s first water resistant socks ensure you walk dry in rains

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We all wear socks, and at some point all of us have dealt with problems of wearing wet socks. Drenched socks can become smelly, can get heavy and even lead to itching in the foot. To provide a realistic alternative to wet socks, Jaspreet Singh, an Indian origin student in Detroit, US, has developed water resistant socks he calls the 5 Water Socks. The name 5 Water Socks may sound peculiar, but it draws inspiration from Punjab, Indian state that Singh’s family belongs to. Punjab means ‘Land of Five Rivers’.

23-year-old Singh, a student of law at Wayne University, Detroit has developed working prototype of the world’s first water resistant socks and launched a successful Kickstarter campaign, which surpassed its $10,000 goal easily, bringing in more than $21,300. Singh was struck with the idea of water resistant socks in a public speaking class at the University of Michigan, where he was to present a business idea.

5 water socks - water resistant socks

Singh’s 5 Water Socks look and feel just like any other pair of athletic socks until they come in contact with liquid; on contact, special fiber mesh fused with water resistant particles allow water to trickle off leaving the socks completely dry. According to Singh, the socks are breathable and super comfy, but when submerged they do get wet. The hydrophobic athletic socks are not waterproof, but their unique property allows them to dry quickly, way faster than your regular pair of socks.

Initially, water resistant socks will be produced in North Carolina beginning this month. Available for pre-order, the socks should be ready to ship in October. 5 Water Socks will retail for $22 a pair and will be available from Jaspreet Singh’s website initially. The socks should hit stores this fall.

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