Watch this Lego robot emulate the maker’s body movement with precision

Cyclops exoskeleton suit robot

The concept shown in Real Steel movie is quite intriguing where robots are controlled by their human counterpart’s body movements. Daniele Bendettelli seems to be inspired by that very sci-fi though as he has come-up with a cool way to control humanoid robot Cyclops MK ll that he build using Legos and electronic parts. He just has to wear a Bluetooth connected exoskeleton suit on his body and then whatever body movement he makes, the robot emulates that.

Robot in question here is a modified version of Daniele’s Cyclops Prototype, and it uses Arduino and potentiometer installed on the suit to detect motion and then transfer the data to robot’s brain. So, when he move his hand to the right or punches the air with a left upper-cut the robot responds with the exact same movement.

As Daniele shows in the video above, this cool robot responds to the readings collected by the potentiometer on the telemetry suit quite proactively and with the help of an Arduino all the computed data is send to the Lego robot.

The project is still in prototype stage and we can expect to see this Lego Robot have even more precise movements in the future. The maker promises that this robot will be able to walk and make better hand movement in the future.

Via: Makezine



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