World’s first wearable gym provides apt resistance during workout

Bionic Resistance Shorts for gymming

One thing every gymmer knows is that resistance plays a very important role in the extent to which your muscles can flex. This helps reduce the lactic acid in muscles and option to increase size even more. But how exactly do you bring-in resistance while working out? One way is to wear tight fitting clothes. That can only help slightly, you need something more professional.

Bionic Resistance Shorts (BRS) are the world’s first wearable gym equipment which induces resistance right where you need it and also helps in protecting muscles under physical load. Not only does it ensure muscle gain, but also cuts your workout time by almost half.

BRS is as easy as putting on your shorts for the workout regime, and it provides you the perfect assistance. The clothing is made from lightweight material which can be attached with resistance bands and belts to give you even more flexibility. The clothing gives ideal support for almost all of the upper and lower body exercises, thereby making your fitness regime more meaningful.

Bionic Resistance Shorts for gymming

The trick lies with nylon material that is laminated with neoprene and a special reinforced nylon webbing. It has been crafted keeping on mind longevity and therefore will go the distance. You can wear it under loose fitting clothes during workout and it will give you the exact same result as intended.

Bionic Resistance Shorts with 6 bionic bands and 2 arms is available on Apex Conditioning store for $99.99 in all body fit sizes.

Bionic Resistance Shorts for gymming



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