Make a dirt cheap 3D hologram that works with your smartphone!

How to make 3D hologram projector

3D hologram display shown in the science fiction movies is so cool, isn’t it? Where a 3D stereoscopic image forms in thin air and is viewable from every angle possible. Probably one of the coolest example of augmented reality, but it isn’t cheap although. So, how about the idea of making a dirt cheap 3D hologram display that works with any mobile device which is downright awesome?

Yes, you can make a 3D hologram display device with nothing more than a transparent DVD case, graph paper, pen, cutter, tape and a bit of glue. As astonishing as it may sound this DIY is one of the easiest to make and it will catch everyone by surprise for sure.

Youtube user [Mrwhosetheboss] has uploaded a video that demonstrates how to use your smartphone and this quickly made hologram device which creates a visual effect that will take you by surprise. He has demoed every little detail of making it by cutting the CD case to make an enclosure which shows a butterfly flying, jellyfish floating in air, fireworks shooting, making-up a love sign etc.

So, enjoy the video of this DIY 3D hologram projector and don’t forget to make it yourself. I’m sure you’ll do it, just as I’m going to do it this weekend!

Below is the video that you need to play on your smartphone and then place the hologram in the middle to see this cool effect.

Via: Mashable



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