Stunt rider Robbie Maddison surfs ocean waves on a dirt bike

DC Shoes Pipe Dream stunt by Robbie Maddison

DC Shoes Pipe Dream stunt by Robbie Maddison is insane

There is a very fine line between what is impossible and what can only be dreamt. DC Shoes and Robbie “Maddo” Maddison surpassed both of these beliefs to create something that you have to see to believe. With 2 years in the making and Maddo rearing to perform his most dangerous stunt till date, this has to go down as one mind-blowing spectacle. Called as Pipe Dream, this stunt had the perfect setting in Tahiti where giant waves invite daring surfers to challenge their riding skills.

So what is Pipe Dream? Well, it is all about riding a dirt on the waves at full throttle. Maddison was the perfect daredevil for this dangerous stunt and he’s an Australian so you won’t bet on him to turn it down. He had to go through a lot of mental and physical training to pull it off. After almost 17 days of trying and testing the final stunt, it came-off in a perfectly shot sequence which is breathtaking.

To accomplish this feat DC Shoes had to modify the dirt bike with skis that were attached a few inches above the tires, so that the Aussie could ride it on land and then glide on water. The making of this custom bike is shown in behind the scenes trailer which is quite interesting.

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In the end it turned out to quite spectacular and the video is going viral on the internet. Well Done Maddo, you’ve set the bar for other stunt riders who want to come-up with something unique. The video has been shot very well and DC Shoes has definitely earned another feather in their cap.

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